Breaking rules about wine glasses

By: Vaniitha Jaiin, On: November 4, 2015

Broad Bourdeaux for red wine, delicate flutes for Champagne, short bowls for rose wines, narrow bowl glass for Chardonnay and so forth. And with every new wine comes a new perfect way to drink it. By the way, stemless glasses, also known as tumblers, are the latest entrant in what makes your wine taste better-trend.


Anyway, so every time you bring out a bottle of your favourite Burgundy or Sauvignon you scamper to find matching glasses. Is it necessary? Let’s not beat around the bush and get to the point.


How important is the ‘right’ glass for wine?
Theorists and specialists have been constantly debating whether or not the type of glass makes a difference to the way the tipple tastes. Scientifically, wine glasses are fine-tuned to enhance the olfactory senses of the specific wine, but the gustatory delights depend on the content.

So, if you have a bottle of good wine it will taste and smell good as long as it is served at right temperature and stored in the right way.

What glasses should you have for different wines?
If you are not too much into cleaning and maintaining or attached to the fancy side of wine drinking, two-three sets of wine glasses are more than good.

Drink red in glasses with larger bowl for the wine to breathe and constant swirling. Drink white in glasses with narrower bowl and tapered towards the top to collect the delicate aromas of the wine.

And if you want to add a dash of extravagance to your wine experience, get round bottom glasses for Champagne as the makers believe it invigorates the aromas better than in the delicate flutes.

Are you someone who wouldn’t want to bother so much either?Get standard stemmed wine glasses that have an elongated cup and slightly narrow at the top to concentrate the bouquet of smells.


So, don’t worry about the glasses, drink good wine and make merry!

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