Wine rules that are mere myths

By: Vaniitha Jaiin, On: October 21, 2015

Ever got stuck between what others say and what your heart says when it comes to wine. We set record straight on common legends about wine.

Don’t uncork a wine bottle before 5 pm

There’s no right time to enjoy a glass of Shiraz or Riesling, so, if there’s a lovely spread of Indian delicacies like saag paneer, butter chicken or spicy vindaloo put out on the lunch table don’t hold back. Just have it in moderation so it stays a merry drink.

The older the bottle the better the wine

Some wines are best enjoyed when fresh and young, some of it, the ones with fruit concentrates, solid acidity and structured tannin, get better with age. Most white wines should be consumed immediately and red ones should be consumed within five years of production.

Say cheers to champagne on special occasions

The bubbly and acidic liquid matches well with every course of the meal and is versatile enough to go with most dishes. So, bring out the champagne and wine glasses (it brings out the aromas better than it does in flutes) when you want.

Blended wines are not as good as non-blended wines
Blended wines are made from a variety of grapes and non-blended or varietal wines are made from a single type of grape. Grapes are blended to enhance the taste, aroma, texture, body and finish of the wine, lending it a well-rounded and complex flavour.

Expensive wines are the best
Factors that determine the price of the tipple is what terroir it belongs to, what oak is used to age in, how long it is aged for and the marketing initiatives. Research proves that there are many affordable wines that taste better than the expensive variety.

Serve red wine at room temperature and white wine after cooling

Europe’s room temperature definitely doesn’t match India’s room temperature. Drinking wine too cold can dumb down the flavour and making it too warm may make it unpleasant. Red wines tastes best when served between 18 to 22 degrees Celsius and white wines at 10 to 14 degrees Celsius.

Red wine shouldn’t be refrigerated
Cooling is a way of preservation and refrigerating red wine, like white wines, preserves the leftover wine. But consume the red wine within a few days and warm it at room temperature. It will taste as good as it was when you opened it.

All Rosé wines are sweet
Not all Rosé are like the sugary sweet White Zinfandel. Most Rosé available in the market are dry, fresh, floral and fruity. Rosé’s sweetness can be gauged from the alcohol content in it. If it is more than 12 per cent it is dry and if less than seven per cent it is a sweet wine.

Red wine with meat and white wine with fish
Scientifically it is proven that perfect combination of wine and food doesn’t necessarily enhance the flavour and experience. Just remember that the more complex the wine the more intense the flavours of the food. And, let your palate decide what suits your gustatory needs.

Break the rules and simply enjoy wine!

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