The Indian vineyards and wineries where you can stay

By: Vaniitha Jaiin, On: October 14, 2015

From crushing grapes to tasting indigenous wine to spending a night among vines and wines, there’s lots you can do in and around the lush grape fields in the country

Did you know that Indians were introduced to viticulture back in 4TH millennium B.C.? But it’s only in the recent times that the Indian wine industry is on its way from small to medium in size. And so, we have a plethora of places that cultivate grapes and produce wines to engage the curious and serious wine drinker or an avid traveller.

Sula Vineyards
Where: Govardhan village, off Gangapur-Savargaon Road, Nashik
What: You can visit the estate vineyard and winery, followed by a tasting session in the 2000-sq feet Tasting Room. You can dine at the quaintly-designed renowned eating place SOLEIL by La Plage, which is popular for its signature French and Indian dishes.
Stay: Sula’s getaway resort is Beyond that is a short distance from the winery in case you want to stay over for a night among the lush vines. And you can experience a beautiful ride on your bike with your friends and finishing it off with a great meal at Café Rose.

Somanda Vineyards
Where: Ganghavare Village, Gangapur-Ganghavare Road, Nashik
What: You can book for a vineyard and winery tour which includes tasting of their own wines.
Stay: There are also options to stay back at Soma Vine Village, which has villas and serviced apartments for guests.

Fratelli Wines
Where: Akluj, Zanjewadi Taluka, Solapur
What: You can either plan a day visit comprising of the vineyard, winery and cellar tour
Stay: Plan a weekend getaway at their contemporary designed rooms. As there are limited rooms we’d suggest book in advance to avoid disappointment. Do not miss out to ask for a vineayard lunch up in their nautursome vineyard view setting.

Vallone Vineyards
Where: Kavnai Slopes, Near Sanjegaon, Igatpuri Taluka, Nashik
What: You have to write to the boutique winery if you intend to visit it. They can conduct tour to their vineyard and winery and hold tasting session. 
Stay: You can stay at Bankside Resort by Vallone located in the picturesque vineyard.

Soma Vineyards
Where: Raju Estate, Gundamgere Village, Bangalore North
What: You can book for either day or evening tour of the 120-acre wine estate which includes visit to vineyards, winery, cellar, winemaking and tasting session, followed by lunch or early dinner. They also have a heritage house, pond, for guests to chill. One has to write to them to book a tour as they don’t have walk-in visitors. Off late its become an interesting vineyard wedding location too!
Stay: If you are a family of four – comprising two adults and two children – you can stay at the elegant room of the Heritage building. As it is a small facility make sure you book in advance.

So get, set and go for a night of magic in wine fields.

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