Masterclass on Mexico’s premium Tequila

On a high note with yummy Patron Tequila’s   What was the event? India importers of Patron Tequila, Aspri Sprits, and Milton .....

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Whisky and all things tasty!

What was the event? Chivas 18 YO and well-known whisky connoisseur, Sandeep Arora, had put together an evening on whisky appreciation. But .....

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Cheers – Why we say and what to say

Every time one goes out drinking with buddies or to a fancy party it’s customary to say Cheers! and clink glasses or .....

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About Us

The Perfect Pour is your destination to demystify the overwhelming world of wonderful wonders – wine, whisky, gin, tequila, beer, brandy, vodka, rum, etc. Find out What, Why, When, Where and How to drink your favourite beverage. ..

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About Vaniitha

Wine & Spirits Specialist. Whisky Enthusiast. Marketing Wizard. Globetrotter. Runner. Passionate. Just a few words that concisely but aptly define me, Vaniitha Jaiin. ..

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