Go bananas over Monkey Shoulder

By: Vaniitha Jaiin, On: February 7, 2016

But drink it responsibly

Monkey ShoulderPic credits: monkeyshoulder.com

When it comes to the tipple I most prefer in my shiny glass,it is wine,but a good and smooth Scotch often causes agonizing dilemmas. Sometimes it’s the mood and sometimes the drink brands on the bar menu decides what I drink.

So, when speaking of Scotch, I recommend to all those who haven’t tried Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky to order a glass of on their next night out. My first swig of the luscious drink was in 2013, and since then I have been partial to the unusually-named malt whisky.

You ask, why? It is the world’s FIRST triple malt Scotch whisky – concocted out of three high-quality single malts. It’s smooth, smoky, supple and creamy on the palate and spruced with mellow flavours of vanilla and lingering hints of spice.All the must-haves in a good Scotch. Monkey Shoulder is produced(by William Grant & Sons) in Speyside, which is in the heart of Scotch land – Scotland.

Then comes the cool part – the branding of Monkey Shoulder. From the choice of the name to the drinking style, it resonates a more modern interpretation of a classic scotch.

final monkey


monkey 4

The name is an affectionate tribute to the distillery workers who sometimes developed stiff arms that would hang down like a chimp ‘cos of constant and manual turning of barley (‘Monkey shoulder’ was the moniker for the ailment). Makers of the triple malt whisky is built on quite a quirky ideology, ‘A Threesome is better than Onesome’.Well, it could be blasphemous if implemented other areas of life, so I insist readers limit the thought to Scotch. And, last, the simple bottle with monkey engraving, a subtle yet effective way to stand out from the many whisky bottles on the rack.

“Personally, I like my Scotch neat, that way I have better grasp on the layers of flavours, but Monkey Shoulder   pushes me to explore beyond.”

The versatile triple malt Scotch whisky can be savoured on the rocks or with water / soda but the high point is that it can be mixed with other spirits to rustle up an exotic cocktail.

Above pic credits: Monkeyshoulder.com

That clearly tells it isn’t your typical scotch, so put on your creative caps and go crazy concocting cocktails with Monkey Shoulders.

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