Drink the Rosé, bro!

By: Vaniitha Jaiin, On: October 26, 2015

Salmon pink, orangey peach, light cherry, vivid near purple are the shades of my favourite drink. And it is time men no longer shy away from the sophisticated pink. From beige to brown to chubby to thin, desi dudes are flaunting their pink shirts with pride. If you don’t think so, look around at the local malls, clubs and wedding celebrations, and you will know what we mean.


So why shy away from the pink wine? Studies and sales prove that even brute Brit men have softened up to rosé.

‘Coz the oldest grapey drink isn’t sickeningly sweet like its original counterpart (mass produced white zinfandel that became popular in 1970s in America). Modern-day vinification processes and need to please gustatory requirements of various kinds have pushed winemakers to evolve and improve the pink wine into a complex concoction. It has the complexity of reds and the lightness of whites.

Another reason rosé is appealing to men is its wide taste spectrum – from spicy sweet to light sweet to delicate to fruity to minerally to acidic to dry, there’s something to please every palate. Go ahead and savour the pinky spirit with crunchy rotis, fresh sabzis, deliciousbiryanis, cheeses, salads, pastas, pizzas, meats and fishes with zest. Like white wines, just make sure to chill rosé wine before drinking.

Obviously, winemakers across the world have also started cultivating grapes specifically for rosé wines and not just bottling leftover reds. Most of them, Indian and international, have varieties of pink wines, but the best comes from the countries that encircle the Mediterranean Sea (Spain, France, Italy, Monaco, Greece, etc.) and California.

And the long Indian summers are the perfect time to sip, swirl, sniff and savour rosé. So, don’t be shy bro, drink the light-coloured wine with equal gusto! And join the leagues of men like Brad Pitt and Francis Ford Coppola who vaunt their pinks.

Some of the famous men who love rosé

  • Hollywood actor Brad Pitt (and Angelina Jolie) owns a winery in France that specialises in Rosé  – Chateau Miraval


  • Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola’s winery’s popular wine is Sofia Rosé


  • Musician Mick Jagger loves Cristal Rosé from  the famous champagne house – Louis Roederer


  • Tennis ace Roger Federer endorses Moet Chandon but also loves to drink Moet Chandon Rose’ (Roger Federer loves Moet Rosé, so much so they made him the global brand ambassador for Moet.)


Published FBAI October 19, 2015- Food Bloggers Association India website
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