Whisky and all things tasty!

By: Vaniitha Jaiin, On: January 15, 2016

What was the event?
Chivas 18 YO and well-known whisky connoisseur, Sandeep Arora, had put together an evening on whisky appreciation. But it wasn’t just about appreciating the smooth scotch and loving its nuances, the evening was to celebrate 18 iconic whisky bars in the country. And, one of it being the gorgeous ITC Maratha’s Bombay High in Mumbai, where the evening unfolded.


What happened?
Dressed in my best I walked in the tastefully done up Bombay High. Sandeep Arora of Spiritual Luxury Living, whom everyone turns to hear and know everything and anything about whisky was spearheading the evening. As we were listening to the whisky specialist talk about the fermented grain drink we were sipping Chivas 18 in various styles (on the rocks, cocktails, et al) .

What I liked?
The other highlight of the evening was the pairing of mouth-watering tapas with the different styles of Chivas 18.

Why you should try Chivas 18?

It is an indulgent blended Scotch whisky with a balanced nose of aromatic orange peel, malt, vanilla and spices. On the palate its medium bodied with a touch of dark chocolate, wood and smokiness that lingers with a long smooth oaky finish.

Another reason why you should drink Chivas is because Frank Sintara did! Frank Sinatra requested for Chivas Regal at the back stage during many of his performances.

This last reason that would make one proud to drink Chivas – The Strathisla Distillery, home to Chivas Regal, is the oldest working distillery in Scotland’s Highlands.

Gave you enough reasons! Drink responsibly and enjoy Chivas!

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