Top ten beer names that will make you LOL

By: Vaniitha Jaiin, On: October 2, 2015

Some may even shock you…

People get drunk on alcohol and one side-effect is rolling in the aisles, but the kind of laugh out loud we are talking of isn’t the literal type. Here are a few names that will definitely tickle your funny bones (and we had fun punning on it).

Buttface Amber Ale
By calling him BUTTFACE (AMBER ALE), you can’t hide your love for him.
Brewer: Big Horn Brewing Company, USA

Santa’s Butt Porter
Forget Beyonce, SANTA’S BUTT (PORTER) is bigger and better.
Brewer: Ridgeway Brewing, United Kingdom

Blithering Idiot
Not all English men are BLITHERING IDIOTS like Mr Bean.
Brewer: Weyerbacher Brewing Co, USA

Bouncing Czech
Today’s headline is that a BOUNCING CZECH was spot around Lake Rotorua.
Brewer:Boundary Road Brewery, New Zealand

Arrogant Bastard
Stardom has made the actor an ARROGANT BASTARD!
Brewer: Stone Brewing Co.USA

Happy Ending Beer
A good film and a good beer guarantees a HAPPY ENDING.
Brewer: Sweet Water Brewing Co., USA

Panty Peeler
I have heard of skin peeler, what’s PANTY PEELER?
Brew: Midnight Sun Brewing Co., USA

Vampire Blood
All those Twilight and True Blood fan girls will love VAMPIRE BLOOD.
Brewer: Sprecher Brewing Co., USA

Fucking Hell
there is a village named Fucking in Austria.
Brewer: Brauhaus Hartmannsdorf, Germany

Who says you need drink to feel goofy!


Sex Panther
She was popular in college as she was a SEX PANTHER.
Brewer: SanTan Brewing Co. USA

More funny beer names
Polygamy Porter
Old Leghumper
(Thirsty Dog)
Pig Ass Porter
(Harvest Moon)
Bikini Blonde
Men in Bock
Son of a Berserker! (Midnight Sun)
Stop, Hop and Roll (Bethlehem)
Boom Shakalager (Terrapin)
Modus Hoperandi (Ska)
Sextacula (Elsyian)
Do It To It Gruit (The Bruery)
Whiskey Dick (Oskar Blues)
Ratsalad (2nd Shift)
Grand Pappy’s Sugar Shack (Harpoon)
Junk ‘n’ Da Trunkle Dunkle (Port)
Fermentation without Representation (Epic)
Goser the Gosarian (Dogfish Head)
We’re Only In It For the Money (Lagunitas)


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